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About the team


We are software engineer, mechanical engineering and Specialized Robotic program students who have years experience in software development, 3D printing and robotics since 2014. In May 2016, KaST robotics competedĀ in Innovation Nation Robotics competition sponsored by IBM, Ethicon, MDA, McMaster University and other organizations around the world. We won the 3rd place with The Formulator-multi material 3D printer for the topic: The future power of open source 3D printer.

VELTO is #1 ranking 3D printing house in Toronto, Canada

We are local in-house additive manufacturer having 6 FDM 3D printers with Dual Extruder and up to 4 different materials/colours. As manufacturing partner with 3dhubs and cgTrader, we are able to non stop manufacture small/ medium batch with industrial grade materials less than a week!

Form 2 SLA 3D printer: Astonishing finish and accuracy for your print. Suitable for detailed prototyping and pattern/ master.

Ultimaker 3 FDM with dual extruder: Smooth overhang details with PVA dissolvable support material. PVA dissolves just in water allows you to get complicated parts printed.